Swiss Lick Canine Cancer Fund

Since losing Gryffin to cancer (hemangiosarcoma) in January, we’ve felt as if we need to do something more to help with the fight against cancer.

Dan and I are already involved in with a few charities that fund cancer research for humans. I’ve even participated in a couple events for canine cancer. Well, now it’s personal, so we need to take the next step.

Along came the Swiss Lick Swissies Canine Cancer Fund. It’s not an official organization. We don’t have a 501(c)3 designation. If this gets big enough, I will get one. Right now, we are fundraising for organizations the DO have their 501(c)3, like the National Canine Cancer Foundation (NCCF).

The NCCF is an organization that helps fund the important research grants that will eventually (hopefully) find a cure. Or at least get us closer to a cure. Here is their Mission statement, copied directly from their website.

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating Cancer as a major health issue in dogs by funding grants directly to Cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find cures, better treatments and accurate, cost effective diagnostic methods in dealing with canine Cancer.

The purpose of the Foundation’s Research Grant Program is to encourage and provide grant support for basic, pre-clinical and clinical research in high impact and innovative cancer research, which is intended to develop innovative approaches to a cure, treatment, diagnosis or prevention of cancers in dogs. The program fosters collaboration between basic and clinical scientists with the intent of enhancing the transfer of basic research findings to clinical usefulness.

We have a store on Zazzle with a few cool shirts plus a few other items for you to purchase! I’ll be adding items whenever I can!

Please consider buying a Swiss Lick Canine Cancer Fund item. I’m sure it would make Gryffin happy! Every little bit helps.



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