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Beach Pics

Friday, June 3rd, 2011 | Dogs, Indigo, Ozzy | Comments Off

Hosting a dog forum in addition to a blog sometimes confuses me. I know I posted beach pics somewhere, but it wasn’t here. So sorry it’s taken me a while to show you pics!

Swissies must approach the water very carefully.

They also like running up and down the beach, but they prefer it to be a game of chase.

Although I’m not entirely sure who is chasing whom.

There are brave Swissies, like Indy, who will venture into the water.

Although it did take her a few days to figure out the waves. In the meanwhile, she got splashed in the face a fair bit.

Ozzy would periodically get bored, and when Indy came out of the water with the ball, he’d try to eat her.

Hmmm, how to get the humans to throw the ball again. Maybe if I keep staring at it?

Yup, that worked.

Ozzy did not go much further than this.

He did like the water, but he never warmed up to the idea of waves crashing on the shore. They freaked him out a bit.

Happy Swissy Girl!

Tired Swissy Boy.

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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 | Ozzy | Comments Off

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How my dogs are awesome, and other things…

Monday, May 23rd, 2011 | Dogs, Indigo, Ozzy | 1 Comment

Yes, we are on vacation. And yes, I am posting. I am weird that way. Have computer, have wireless, might as well post!

First things first…Friday was the Long Drive Day. It was supposed to be about 15 hours long, but ended up at 16.5 due to an overturned diesel tanker (and subsequent closed road/traffic jam). This made me realize two things. First, when your Navigon GPS with add-on traffic pack doohickey tries to redirect you, listen to her. (Or maybe your GPS is a him?) They are right. Second, my dogs are freaking awesome. The two of them were so good in the car, I almost forgot they were there. Seriously, I had to check back a couple of times to see if they were breathing. I figured they would be good for at least 6 hours, but over 16? Crazy, crazy good.

OK, so now that I’ve explained to you how awesome they are, I’ll move on to the other things. Yes, they are enjoying the house here on St. George Island. And they are being pretty darn good in the house. We take them for walks, let them play on the beach, etc. Today was day 3 at the beach, and we were initially thinking that today might be the day Indy would go all the way in the water since the surf is calm. After some coaxing, it didn’t seem as if that would happen. So instead, we got the two of them rampaging up and down the beach (extremely good off leash, btw), to wear them out. Then Dan threw a clam at me. Or something like a clam. It still had someone living in it, so I tossed it back in the Gulf. And Indy followed it. All the way in. (It’s not at all deep here, but she could at shoulder height in about 5 feet.) Then I went in and she followed. She actually swam!

Before you ask, no I do not have pictures at this time. Yes, I will be taking pictures. But I do not have a waterproof camera, so I have to be a bit careful.

Check back later! We’ll be here in paradise.

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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 | Dogs | Comments Off

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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 | Gryffindor | Comments Off

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Travelin’ Dogs, part 2

Monday, October 20th, 2008 | Dogs, Random Stuff | Comments Off

It was a nice weekend by us. The ‘Cats won their homecoming game, the weather was nice, and Dan & I have both been sick. This translates to not much exciting in doggy land to talk about. Football games have a habit of making boring weekends for dogs…

So, we go on to part 2 of the Travelin’ Dog series. In part 1, we discussed finding a location for your trip. Since it’s October, fall color weekends would be on my radar right now. (Oh, but wait! I have a Swissy “pup” that’s not completely house trained yet!) Today, we’ll discuss trip prep.

One of the things I researched once we picked St. George Island as a destination was vets. I found names of 2 separate practices, found their hours and locations, and also looked into who each vet uses for after-hours and emergency care. I had the addresses and phone numbers in a binder prior to the start of the trip. We got lucky on our first trip, as we found out the main vet that services the area lives next door to the house we rented that year. We didn’t need to see him, but you never know what will happen.

Another thing I researched was our route. How are the rest stops spaced? Are there any dog friendly parks or other areas on the way to or from Florida that we’d want to visit? One of the things I determined is that it was better to stop at gas stations and the like instead of the actual rest stops. Many people travel with their dogs, and not all of them are healthy. Things like Giardia are easily transmitted if you have a dog that likes to eat poop, and not everyone picks up like they should. Or perhaps your dog is nervous and has an upset belly. It eats a little grass at a stop that may have a little poop left on it…

Along with the route, we try to find a decent place to overnight (if needed), that works out well for the dogs and us. The first year we drove down to SGI, we stopped at a Ramada in Montgomery, Alabama. That was a mistake. We were right on the edge of a not-so-good area, and the hotel was a bit, um, icky. It looked good from the pictures on the website, but it was not. We weren’t that comfortable there, and we were very happy to leave the next morning. So as we started out the next morning, we made note of other hotels that appeared to be in better areas and researched them for future trips.

There are other things to consider when traveling. I’ll discuss those in part 3.

Happy Monday! Enjoy the week!

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