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And We’re Raw! (Again)

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 | Dogs, Indigo, Ozzy | Comments Off

Before I get started, I would like credit. Yes, I’m posting again today. That makes it two days in a row! I guess the good thing about taking 7 months off from posting is that I’ve got a lot of saved material that I can use.

I believe the last time I was posting with any amount of regularity, we were trying to find a good food that worked for both dogs. Well, Ozzy in particular, seeing that Indy can eat almost anything. Ozzy’s excessive flatulence only got worse after he got fixed (November), and we’ve struggled with it a bit since then.

We moved them over to Taste of the Wild High Prairie formula. It worked well for a while. Ozzy was still gassy, but his poops were (mostly) solid, and his coat looked great. And Indy looked wonderful, for a change. Then all the Diamond-produced food recalls started. At first, Taste of the Wild wasn’t included, but then, of course, it was. Our bags were not affected, but I was determined to move off of a Diamond-produced food. I considered Fromm (again), Acana, and a few other brands. I got smaller bags. But the whole time, I was mentioning to Dan that I really thought raw would be the way to go. After a few weeks of mushy poops and gassy Ozzy, he finally agreed.

The initial plan was to ease into the raw feeding. We intended to split the feedings (one raw, one kibble) for a few weeks, and then move them onto full-time raw. At that point, I started traveling again, so Indy and Ozzy went raw almost cold turkey after 4 days of partial.

The intent was to start them on chicken backs, then add other chicken parts in. Well, I couldn’t get chicken backs, so they started on skin-free, bone in chicken breasts. I cut them into slightly smaller pieces of Ozzy but left them as-is for Indy. It took a couple of days for Ozzy to get used to it, and then we stopped cutting his food. We tried leg quarters too, but they didn’t seem to sit too well with Ozzy right off the bat, so I was able to procure some backs. At each meal, they get a chicken back, yogurt, and a few tablespoons of Olewo (carrot formula).

They are now two and a half weeks in, and I’m glad to report they are doing very well. Ozzy’s gas is almost completely gone, and his poops are much better. The amount of poop in the yard has drastically reduced as well – go figure. And let’s not forget that Ozzy’s water consumption is way down due to the water content of his food.

And even better, they’re both happy.

Stay tuned!

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