Physical Therapy for Dogs

Physical Therapy for Dogs

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I work for a company that sells (and manufactures) physical therapy equipment, among other things. Normally, our products are used by hospitals, rehab facilities, physical therapists and their clients, and occupational therapists. But Friday, one of my sales reps forwarded me a few pictures of one of family members using one of the products we sell, and I felt compelled to get the story from her. The story is told by her human, so the “I” in this is not me.

Mollie is a 9 year old female wire hair fox terrier who loves to fish. I catch fish off the dock, she jumps in the water after them as I release them. She often gets them. Someone caught a fish and tossed it from a high spot on the pontoon-rather than landing in the water, it hit the dock. Mollie followed the fish-about an 8 foot jump and had a good wipe out on the dock (from the pontoon).

Within 24 hours she could not walk or bear weight on her hind end (the discs had swelled and caused nerve compression). Our wonderful vet/chiro did some adjustments and got her walking again and she is now in the healing stages. She has 3 bulging discs in her mid back and some soft tissue (cartilage and muscle) injuries in her low back/tail area. She is getting much relief from this Chattanooga Vectra Genisys electrical stimulation device-two treatments a day. I do daily massages, she swims in a lap pool for dogs (K9 Hydrotherapy) for her non-weight bearing strengthening on Sunday afternoons and she gets monthly acupuncture.

She is doing so much better-we thought we were going to have to put her down. She still cannot do stairs as this stressed her mid back. She wants to though and she wants to run and jump. We have to be diligent in controlling those activities for about 6 months until she fully heals. We are having ramps built for the couches instead of the dog stairs we have all over the house.

She is also on PhyCox-a natural anti-inflammatory and joint lubricant supplement for dogs (has tumeric, glucosamine, flax seed, etc). This is a great product for any aging doggie.

So that’s Mollie’s story. But you must see the pictures that prompted the inquiry, because they are rather cute.

Mollie looks quite relaxed while getting her electra-stim therapy.

Relaxing enough to fall asleep, which I could do right now just from looking at her.

Thanks for sharing, Cathy! Happy Monday!




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