Pet Expo

Pet Expo

Monday, March 23rd, 2009 | Gryffindor, Indigo | Comments Off

We are finished with the Pet Expo! We had a great time and are still recovering.

I worked from about 11am – 2pm on Friday. I had Indy with me since I figured it would be a little slow in comparison to Saturday and she would have a better chance for success. She was shy-more so than at the IKC show in February. But she still did pretty well considering she’s a skittish dog. She wanted to play with Karma the Mastiff, and Rufus the Saint Bernard really loved her. She was mostly tolerant of the people and had more treats than she had a right to, but it kept her from totally freaking out.

Gryffin and I worked Saturday. I think we were there from about 11:00am through 3pm. Although we didn’t get to the booth until 11:30am because Gryffin is an attention magnet. We would walk 5 feet and then get stopped for him to be petted. Then we’d walk another 5 feet and the same thing. He had countless pictures, even with a Girl Scout troop’s Flat Stanley. We were able to wrangle quite a few people into the picture with Gryffin for charity at the BDP booth. We talked to a few people with Swissies or Swissies in the family in addition to people interested in Swissies.

I wandered around a little bit on Friday to see the booths. I got to speak to the trainer who will be running Indy’s Cautious Canine class in April. I wish it was here sooner…

We had a lot of fun spending time with BDP people. I wish that we could have gotten to know some of you more, but I know we will see you again.

Sadly, I am back at work today after a week of vacation. Happy Monday.

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