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The Lake Shore Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club’s specialty show was this past Saturday. If you’re interested in results, go here. The day started out rainy and cool. The rain wasn’t the best, but I think the cool temps were better for the Swissies. Last year was hot and humid, and the AC didn’t help too much.

I think it was a very successful and fun show. It was great to meet people and Swissies I know from various boards, forums and lists. There was at least one Swissy I wanted to take home with me, but I was not allowed. Very sad.

Since I wasn’t needed as a ring steward at all this year, I was able to take some pictures. I don’t know all the dog’s names, but will comment when I do.

Here’s Moose, sitting pretty.

Look at this happy face.

Laughing in the ring? I didn’t know that was allowed.

Cathy showing Samson.

Brian ready for the rain.

Kathleen and Robert.

“Resting” in the car.

Steve and Jethro. Hopefully, if Steve is ok with it, I’ll post some video of the pair in the obedience ring.

Kim and her pup. I’m not sure which dog this is, but I think it falls into the “I want to take it home” category.

Terri and Vasey.

Someone taking a rest.

It really was a fun show.

I was able to get some videos of obedience, too. If the people agree, I will hopefully post later this week.

Happy Monday!

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