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Dog Park Trip

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 | Indigo, Litter Mates and Swissy Friends | Comments Off

We had one of our favorite guests this weekend – Basja the Blue Dane. Since the weather was gorgeous on Sunday, we opted for a morning at the off leash park (Katherine Legge Memorial Park) with our Swissy friend, Vasey.

Basja and Vasey spent a few days with each other back in February. Remember when we were dog sitting for all the people fortunate enough to spend time in Hawaii? So they know each other. They did the whole air kiss thing upon meeting.

Of course there was butt sniffing with each other and the new dogs they met.

And there was general silliness and playing.

And of course, Indy poses for pictures. We have her trained well.

Diego the Dane was fascinated with Vasey.

I know this is a boring pic, but it’s just to show you that a lot of people were out at 8am on Sunday at the dog park.

Diego kept coming back to Vasey.

Indy doing her kangaroo impression.

Chew toy? Or another dog?

Tobias the DDB with Indy.

Please tell me why my girl dog loves rolling in wet grass so much?

This is Fred the Newf. He apparently likes kids a lot. As in jumps on them and knocks them over. So he was leashed since there were quite a few.

If there’s a Basset, I will take his/her picture.

Our esteemed weekend guest.

Why is it large dogs are attracted to Beagles?

One last quick romp…

Then it was time for home. The park is no longer considered off leash at 9am. Sad. But the dogs were happy and tired.

Thanks for looking!

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Dog Park Fun

Monday, February 15th, 2010 | Indigo, Litter Mates and Swissy Friends | 2 Comments

Today marked Indy’s first ever visit to an off-leash dog park. The weather was decent (20s) and we didn’t work today, so we packed up Indy and Basja, since she’s still here, and went To Katherine Legge Memorial Park to meet Indy’s sister, Vasey. It isn’t always off-leash, but has certain hours for the dogs. They get a little shorter at the end of the month (sad).

I wasn’t sure how Indy would behave – I’ll admit I was a bit concerned about her recall ability and hoped that Basja’s influence would help. I was pleasantly surprised how good she was. She actually came when we called, which was great. She got the hang of it pretty quickly, and was nice to all the dogs out there.

It’s really best if I just show you, I think

Basja kept finding balls throughout the park. We’d sometimes catch her with 2 in her mouth.

And then the rampaging started.

Then we were joined by Bentley the puppy.

His human was glad to have big dogs for him to play with.

Indy chased him for a while.

I just love Bentley’s face here.

Indy looking all pretty.

They made other friends, too.


I’m not sure Basja needed to jump over this dog. She could have just stepped.

And then, once again, the photographer’s hands got cold.

I must mention that I was very pleased with our experience at the park. We’ve avoided them because of some not-great experiences in the past, mainly with people not watching their dogs. But everyone here was involved and careful. I think we’ll be back.

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