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Monday, June 8th, 2009 | Indigo | Comments Off

I posted a month or so back that I had great success with the prong collar on Indy. Well, that lasted for one or two walks. Maybe three. It never helped if we were walking with Gryffin. So we’ve moved on…

I picked up a Gentle Leader Head Collar last week and tried it with Indy on Sunday. (You can find fitting instructions here.) Go figure, the first 2 blocks were horrible. Indy tried to get it off her face when we were in the middle of the street (yes, there was a car coming) by dragging her face along the pavement. She scraped it up a bit and had a little blood, but was ok.

She continued this for a short while, they she started get distracted by smells and the “heel” command. Then all of the sudden, it was as if there was nothing bothering her face at all. She became a nice, well-trained dog (seriously) that didn’t pull or do evil things. She did her tricks at the Barkery for food and wanted desperately to play with a dog. She sat at corners when we stopped. It was if someone swapped a well behaved dog for Indy.

My initial reaction is positive. But this is how I felt after one use of the prong, as well. So I’ll withhold judgment until we’ve gone through a few more solo walks, and then had a few with Gryffin. That will be the real test.

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