Time for a change

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After tomorrow, the header of this blog will change. (At least it should when I actually take the time to do it.) The fabulous Swissies of Downers Grove are moving! Yup, that’s right. We will soon be the fabulous Swissies of Galena, or something like it.

We decided it was time. We’d like to add more Swissies. We’d like to be out in the country where there’s space, hills, etc. Heck, the humans would like to retire before we are dead. So a job was procured (for me), a house was found, and the move is scheduled for tomorrow. What was initially something that would happen in 3 to 5 years is happening now. It took just over a month to plan.

Anyone want to buy a house in Downers Grove? I happen to know of one, and it looks really good with Swiss dogs.

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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 | Ozzy | Comments Off

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Galena Weekend

Monday, April 26th, 2010 | Dogs | Comments Off

I will first get the disappointing news out of the way.

There are no pictures. That’s right, none.

The weather was cloudy and raining pretty much the entire time we were there. Not good for pictures at all.

I’ll admit I was a bit nervous or apprehensive about going. This was our first trip in 7 years that we took without Gryffin. He was always such a big part of our lives that I really wasn’t sure how it would go without him.

Oddly enough, it went really well.

Indy and Beowulf were actually fantastic in the truck on the ride out. I’m used to Indy being great in a vehicle, but not Beowulf. The sleeping part of the trip worked extremely well. Beowulf is usually on the bed (Alex would be there too…), and Indy and Gryffin would find places on the couches behind us as we use an air mattress out there. It would be normal to be woken up with a punch/kick/paw to the head/throat/you name it. That was Gryffin’s thing. Or he’d wake up and smack his lips for 20 minutes. While it certainly goes without saying that I would rather he’d be alive and well with us, the weekend went really well. I really didn’t expect it. Although I didn’t expect a disaster, either.

Yes, I was a little sad now and then. But it really seemed that when I was sad, Indy and Beowulf would do something incredibly cute or cuddly to make me happy.

It worked.

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Weekend Fun

Monday, August 3rd, 2009 | Dogs | 1 Comment

We were able to get out to Galena, Illinois (border of Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa on the Mississippi if you’re not familiar) this weekend for some relaxation. The dogs came with us of course, and the servants of Indy’s sister, Vasey, met us out on Saturday for the day.

It looked like rain at first, but it just kept the temperature a little cooler (albeit more humid) until after we had finished our morning hike/play session with the dogs.

We let Indy & Gryffin loose in the riding arena for a bit.

Then we went to look for the horses.

They were more interested in food, so we wandered over to a clearing that’s away from the highway to let them rampage a bit.

Even Beowulf rampaged a bit.

Then we hung out at the house again and waited for our friends. Dan needs one of those straw pipes or something.

Gryffin loves to pose for pictures no matter where we are.

Then Vasey showed up.

Then everyone started getting silly.

Especially Indy.

We hiked around the property-up and around some hills, over a little stream-and ended up on a hill that’s a fair distance away from the road. So we were able to let everyone off leash again for play time. But they were pretty warm, so there was not much playing back there. They did pose for more pictures, of course.

Vasey is such a pretty girl. Just like her sister.

It looks like Indy’s pouting here. Not sure why.

More posing.

I got them to run every once in a while.

I could get used to having 3 Swissies.

Funny face from Beowulf, caught on camera!

Back at the cabin, Vasey was trying to get beer.

Then we got them to play more again.

And then we let them crash in the house so we humans could go watch the sun set on the Mississippi.

Happy Monday!

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Happy Friday!

Friday, July 31st, 2009 | Dogs | Comments Off

We’re off to Galena in a few hours. Well, after I get my much-deserved 80 minute deep tissue massage and our new appliances get delivered.

So next week, we’ll have lots of new pictures! Indy’s sister is meeting us tomorrow, assuming we don’t get crappy weather. And our Saint Bernard friends, Reggie & Maxine, will be out for a visit too!

Talk to you soon!

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