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Being a conformist?

Thursday, September 18th, 2008 | Indigo | 2 Comments

I took Indy up to Happy Tails in Island Lake on Wednesday night for our first conformation/handling class. I have Indy entered in the Freeport-Rockford Kennel Club shows on 9/27 and 28. I’ll tell you, I’m quite nervous. If I were showing Gryffin, I wouldn’t be. But Gryffin has no bits, so he doesn’t show.

Indy is a shy dog with people, unless she knows them. Sometimes she stands and does the whole sentry bark thing. Other times she flinches, jumps and generally freaks out when people try to pet or examine her. The instructor worked with her a bit (and called her spoiled–the nerve!!) and she seems to be improving already, but I just don’t think we will be ready for these shows.

Under no circumstance do I expect us to win, do well, or otherwise, but I don’t want to embarrass ourselves or the Swissy community in general. Indy is a good girl, and she’s real purty, but I just don’t know how this will turn out. It has me so stressed, if I don’t post on Friday, it’s because I had a heart attack or something.

Regardless of how the class went, we had a really good thing happen yesterday. There was an obedience class just before our class, and there was a Swissy and her human there. We spoke and it turns out it is Indy’s littermate, Izzy! She is such a sweet girl. She and Indy seemed to get along right away, but that just seems to be a Swissy thing in general.

Here’s Indy with her sis.

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