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Friday, December 18th, 2009 | Random Stuff | Comments Off

I usually write about the dogs. Or my experiences with the dogs. Or someone’s dogs. But today I’m going to share some of my holiday happiness.

Of course, it is dog related…

Last year, one of my other blogger friends mentioned the Dogs with Blogs (DWB) Holiday Card Exchange. I signed up for it, sent out about 30 cards and received the same. During a rather gloomy holiday season it was an extreme bright spot.

Can you believe I almost forgot to sign up for it this year?

But I didn’t.

Every day since I got home from vacation, I’ve either received a card or two in the mail from other DWB members, or I’ve received an e-card. I’m not having a problem with the “Holiday Spirit” like I was last year, but it’s still in my top three favorite things about the season. (The other two being spending time with family and friends-for real-and the random acts of kindness that I notice and wish would not be confined to Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah/etc.)

This year, I figured I’d share some of them with you. I took some of them down yesterday to make room for the new ones, and I took a few pictures.

I’ll apologize in advance about the glare that you’ll see on a few cards from my flash.


And then…

Not only have I enjoyed the cards, which were prominently displayed for our Christmanukkah Kwanzadan party last weekend, but I have loved being introduced to some new dog blogs. It let’s me know I’m not the only (crazy) person out there!

Thanks for the joy, DWB people! I hope you’ve been enjoying your cards as well!

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