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Osteosarcoma Fundraiser!

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 | Canine Cancer | Comments Off

I was poking around on Monday trying to come up with some ideas for my own fundraiser (meaning keep watching, I hope to have something relatively soon). I was thinking about approaching 2 Hounds Design to do something with me, when I happened upon something they already have going…

2 Hounds has had a custom collar for several years now with a percentage of the proceeds going to Hope for Hounds. Each year’s collar is unique, as custom ribbons are created specifically for this cause. There will be another new collar available in late February or early March.

Hope for Hounds is a charity that works to raise awareness of Osteosarcoma in Greyhounds. Now, our old friend Abby was a Pyr, not a Greyhound, but in my mind, raising funds for Greyhounds will help Pyrs, Swissies, Beagles…the list goes on and on. And a breakthrough in Osteosarcoma research might trigger breakthroughs in other areas, both canine and human.

So when thinking about purchasing a new collar for your dog, please consider this collar. You may be helping to save the life of a future companion and best friend.

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2 Dogs 2000 Miles

Friday, September 11th, 2009 | Random Stuff | Comments Off

Back in 2004, a Pyr named Malcolm was diagnosed with bone cancer. Since then, his human, Luke, has taken a unique approach to fund raising for canine cancer research. He sold his truck, but his belongings in storage, and hit the road with his two Pyrs, Hudson and Murphy. They are currently making the trek from Austin to Boston. You can get the details of the who, how and why on his website.

We’ve been aware of this for some time. I have my Puppy Up shirt, and now that I was able to get the spaghetti sauce stain out of it, I wear it weekly. People look at me weird, and every once in a while, they ask about it. If 10 percent of the people ask, it’s a good day. So why am I bringing it up now, you ask?

Simple. Remember earlier this year I mentioned the passing of Abigail the Pyr? Well, she also died from bone cancer. Not only were her humans lucky enough to meet Luke and his Pyrs on their journey, but they are currently involved in the big calendar fund raiser.

If you have a spare $5 (or more, if you’re lucky!), please consider donating to the cause. You can vote for Abby G (or others, if you wish), on the submission page.

Thank you!




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