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Thursday, June 28th, 2012 | Indigo, Obedience Training, Ozzy

While I’ve been slacking off, there’s been a bit going on. It might be nice if I got you up to date on a couple of things…

First thing – Ozzy got his neuter and gastropexy back in November. The super-excessive marking and annoying dominant tendencies have stopped for the most part since then, but he’s still a teenager. His recovery wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped, but there was nothing major. He was hard to keep quiet, and he popped a stitch or two. And there was a wee bit of infection, but it seemed to be only on the exterior incision. I remember Indy’s going so much better (as far as healing is concerned), but then she had a 13 year old basset hound as a housemate, not another young-ish Swissy. Seven months later and all is well.

I enrolled Ozzy in a few classes at our favorite dog training facility starting in February (I think). First, he took his CGC class. It was a 6 week course, and at the end (week 7) we took the test. I was very pleased that Ozzy passed on the first try. After that, we rolled right into another 6 week course for his Therapy Dog certification. It was about this time that Ozzy started becoming a teenage punk again, so while he did pretty well in the class, I don’t think we’re ready for the certification yet. Plus, we need to pick an organization for certification…

After those classes finished, I started Ozzy in his “ring ready obedience” class again, hoping to get him back on track to get his CD or RN title. Or both. However, Ozzy got very stressed during the first class, so I opted to give him some time off, with training at home only for a little while. Heck, he went for 3 months – he deserves a break.

Last Saturday, I took Indy to the RRO class. She still doesn’t want to be touched by strangers, so I will avoid that at all costs. However, the Rally Novice title could work well for her since it doesn’t involve a stand for exam. She did pretty well in the class, so I’m going to continue down that path with her, and teach her the rally commands. And the automatic sit, which she doesn’t do too frequently. :)

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!

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