Human emotions

Thursday, September 9th, 2010 | Gryffindor

I can talk about human stuff, right? Don’t worry, it still has to do with dogs. Swissies even. Gryffin in particular…

So, I was going through some of my old, saved emails. Heck with spring cleaning – I’m all about the fall cleaning. I came across some saved emails I have from friends and blog readers from January. Early January to be specific. That’s when we had to let Gryffin go.


*sniff sniff*

OK, I’m back.

I decided to open a couple up to read them, and guess what? I started tearing up.

For the record, it’s great when that happens at work. I fully expected that guy from the corner office to chose that moment to stop by my desk. He is a dog lover, so I suppose he might have understood. Except he’d probably wonder why I was reading emails from January in September at my desk during normal business hours. Valid question, I admit. But I digress.

I know I’ve said this before, but it is important enough to me to say again.

Thank you.

Yes, you.

You are probably one of the ones that sent me an email or submitted a contact request through the site to tell me how sorry you were. And although I’ll probably never meet more than half of you, I want you to know that it still helps brush the cobwebs off my heart when I read those messages. And although I still tear up when I read them (heck, I’m tearing up now just thinking about reading them), it still makes me happy to remember just how many lives Gryffin touched, even virtually.

And just so you know, Gryffin would want you to comment on my blog posts. Frequently. And he’d want you to win a collar from 2HD. So make sure you get an entry (or 5) in by 5pm central time today!

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2 Comments to Human emotions

Gina H.
September 9, 2010

tough tough tough…that’s what memories can be sometimes. But really rewarding too, to also see how many people out there, do indeed care. I did it myself about a month ago…the same thing…and it was a difficult month, let alone day…

What’s that poem or saying about giving your heart to a dog to tear?? It’s very very apt.

Jen & Cash
September 10, 2010

Memory Lane can be a bumpy road, but it’s often worth the ride. I’m glad so many people were able to reach out to you in such a difficult time. It is comforting to know we are not alone.



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