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November is Canine Cancer Awareness Month

Friday, November 19th, 2010 | Canine Cancer | 2 Comments

Huh, I had no clue. But I’m glad – I just wish I realized earlier. I would have made a really big deal out of it.

Canine cancer is definitely on the rise. I feel like I hear of dogs with cancer more than people these days. (Not that I’d rather the people have it…) Cancer is the leading cause of disease-related deaths in pets, which really stinks.

I got an email from the Woof Report about it today. I LOVE the Woof Report, and I’m glad it’s back after an extended absence. There is always great info, and today is no different. It’s what prompted this post. The list below is something directly from their weekly newsletter.

Know the ten common signs of cancer in small animals
According the AVMA, common symptoms are the following:

1. Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow
2. Sores that do not heal
3. Weight loss
4. Loss of appetite
5. Bleeding or discharge from any body opening
6. Offensive odor
7. Difficulty eating or swallowing
8. Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina
9. Persistent lameness or stiffness
10. Difficulty breathing, urinating, or defecating

I’d be glad to forward it to anyone who would like to see it – it’s worth the read. If you’d like it, please leave a comment.

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RIP, Basja

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 | Canine Cancer, Random Stuff, Swiss Lick Swissies Canine Cancer Fund | 1 Comment

This is almost as hard for me to write as it was when we lost Gryffin in January. But the gorgeous Basja went to the Bridge this morning. It was time.

Basja developed lymphoma a little while back. Her human worked to build up her immunity, as chemo wasn’t really an option. The time came today for her to say goodbye…

I loved Basja as if she was my own. I know Dan felt the same. Indy was probably convinced she was a Swissy, and Ozzy seemed extremely attached to her when they met for the second time a couple of weeks ago. Even the old curmudgeon, Beowulf, seemed to love her.

Please send your good thoughts and prayers to those Basja left behind. They will need them.

I’ll miss you, Basja.

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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 | Canine Cancer, Gryffindor | Comments Off

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Dog Day on the Green

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 | Bone Cancer Dogs, Canine Cancer, Dog Day on the Green | Comments Off

Sunday the 29th was Dog Day on the Green at Montrose Harbor in Chicago. I had previously committed to work this event for the Bone Cancer Dogs people (BCD). As the date approached, I was kicking myself for agreeing to this, mainly because my schedule the week before was crazy (out of town) with work. A few days before the event, I learned that a celebrity of sorts, McKey Sullivan, the winner from cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model, would be working the tent with us. Given the stressful state I was in, this seemed terrible to me purely because of my own insecurities – I would feel old(er), fat(ter), and ugli(er) with her around. But I am the type of person that follow through with my commitments, so I soldiered on.

I arrived around 7am that Sunday. Keep in mind, this means I left our block party early the night before and went to sleep while people were still partying outside. The beer pong was my idea, and I think I may be a bit relieved I did not participate. I met up with Julie, the treasurer for BCD, and helped setup the tent. She might have been convinced that we would not get people to visit the tent in the beginning, but we had a fair number of people stop by…maybe seeing the “C” word doesn’t freak everyone out like it used to.

I spoke to a lot of people. I did my best to educate people, or at least pass out information that would start the process for them. But for some reason, I did end up speaking to a lot of people about nutrition and supplements. I really hope that I didn’t steer them in the wrong direction – I am not an expert, but I do consider myself to be informed. I was good and suggested they speak with their “health care provider” to cover the bases.

The (nicely) surprising part of the day was McKey. Yes, she’s gorgeous. But she’s a nice person and seems to be grounded firmly in reality. Dogs are important to me, and I am very happy that she was willing to use her “celebrity” to bring any amount of attention to them, and the Bone Cancer Dogs organization. She has 2 small dogs, but knows her big dogs too. She has a Weimeraner, Axel, who she lost to Osteosarcoma last year. She’s previously been owned by a red Doberman as well, and she handled it in the ring. Who knew – a former show dog person. She also seemed attracted to the big, blue Dane we saw trotting across the field. I had already met said Dane and completely approved of this attraction. Her boyfriend would prefer a Harlequin, methinks, but I have a feeling she will end up triumphant with the Blue at some point. She also spotted and named a Leonberger and Neopolitan Mastiff from a distance.

All-in-all, it was a nice day. You may have realized, I enjoy talking to people, even if I consider myself somewhat shy. And I am very comfortable talking about dogs and health.

I spent a fair amount of time thinking about Abby the Pyr (aka the Great White Swissy) and what she and her family must have gone through during her Osteo battle.

Cancer sucks.

Bark for Life

Friday, August 6th, 2010 | Canine Cancer, Gryffindor, Indigo | Comments Off

The Bark for Life that Indy and I will be walking is coming up! It’s Saturday, August 21st, and we are really looking forward to it!

In their words:

The American Cancer Society’s “Bark for Life” is a Relay for Life fundraising event that honors the care-giving qualities of canine companions.

Last year, Indy and I participated in Abby the Pyr’s memory. This year, we’ll be walking in Gryffin’s honor, in addition to all of our friends and family, furry and human, that have been effected by cancer in some way. Putting it mildly, cancer sucks. Heck, I’m tearing up just writing about it.

So here’s the scoop. This particular event is being held at Fullersburg Woods. If you would like to join us, we would absolutely love it! You can register for the event here. If you are unable to join, but have the ability to donate to our cause, you can do so via our secure site here. Every dollar helps.

To be honest, money is great, but if you are in this area, I’d really love it if you joined us. To give you more incentive, in addition to the walk, the event will also have:

• Dog/owner look-alike contest
• Best bark contest
• Pet photos
• Pet-product vendors and services
• Dog wash
• Pet trick competitions
• Canine Therapy Group
• Pet communicator

Last year’s event was fairly small. I would not be at all surprised to find it the same way this year. Please help us make it a great event!

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Introducing…the Swiss Lick Swissies Canine Cancer Fund!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010 | Canine Cancer, Gryffindor, Swiss Lick Swissies Canine Cancer Fund | 1 Comment

Since losing Gryffin to cancer four weeks ago, we’ve felt as if we need to do something more to help with the fight against cancer.

Dan and I are already involved in with a few charities that fund cancer research for humans. I’ve even participated in a couple events for canine cancer. Well, now it’s personal, so we need to take the next step.

Along came the Swiss Lick Swissies Canine Cancer Fund. It’s not an official organization. We don’t have a 501(c)3 designation. If this gets big enough, I will get one. Right now, we are fundraising for organizations the DO have their 501(c)3, like the National Canine Cancer Foundation (NCCF).

The NCCF is an organization that helps fund the important research grants that will eventually (hopefully) find a cure. Or at least get us closer to a cure. Here is their Mission statement, copied directly from their website.

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating Cancer as a major health issue in dogs by funding grants directly to Cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find cures, better treatments and accurate, cost effective diagnostic methods in dealing with canine Cancer.

The purpose of the Foundation’s Research Grant Program is to encourage and provide grant support for basic, pre-clinical and clinical research in high impact and innovative cancer research, which is intended to develop innovative approaches to a cure, treatment, diagnosis or prevention of cancers in dogs. The program fosters collaboration between basic and clinical scientists with the intent of enhancing the transfer of basic research findings to clinical usefulness.

So, as of Friday night, we have a store on Zazzle with a few cool shirts for you to purchase!

I hope to add a few more shirts in the next week or so, and maybe some other products. The store may move to another location if I can find good products for lower prices, but I’ll let you know when that happens.

Please consider buying a Swiss Lick Canine Cancer Fund shirt. I’m sure it would make Gryffin happy!

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Osteosarcoma Fundraiser!

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 | Canine Cancer | Comments Off

I was poking around on Monday trying to come up with some ideas for my own fundraiser (meaning keep watching, I hope to have something relatively soon). I was thinking about approaching 2 Hounds Design to do something with me, when I happened upon something they already have going…

2 Hounds has had a custom collar for several years now with a percentage of the proceeds going to Hope for Hounds. Each year’s collar is unique, as custom ribbons are created specifically for this cause. There will be another new collar available in late February or early March.

Hope for Hounds is a charity that works to raise awareness of Osteosarcoma in Greyhounds. Now, our old friend Abby was a Pyr, not a Greyhound, but in my mind, raising funds for Greyhounds will help Pyrs, Swissies, Beagles…the list goes on and on. And a breakthrough in Osteosarcoma research might trigger breakthroughs in other areas, both canine and human.

So when thinking about purchasing a new collar for your dog, please consider this collar. You may be helping to save the life of a future companion and best friend.

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